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PSM & PGPS Basic Schools Assessment Competition Audition Train Stops at Bosomtwe STEM Academy1 min read

PSM & PGPS Basic Schools Assessment Competition Audition Train Stops at Bosomtwe STEM Academy<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">1</span> min read</span>

The Perfect Star Media and Perfect Grade Publications & Stationery Basic Schools Assessment Competition audition train made its stop at Bosomtwe STEM Academy in Jachie, generating significant excitement.

Bosomtwe STEM Academy is the first government school to participate in this competition.

Headmistress Mrs. Victoria Akua Manku expressed her delight in an interview with, stating that they are thrilled to join. Despite the school’s STEM focus, it operates at a basic education level.

Mrs. Akua Manku highlighted the financial support from parents, which is uncommon for government schools, with parents purchasing textbooks, including the Perfect Series textbooks.

She hopes the students will gain valuable experience even if they don’t win this edition.


She urged them to perform well and bring pride to the school.

Teachers at the Bosomtwe STEM Academy said they joined the competition to better assess student performance and gain new insights.

Confident in their students’ abilities, they believe the external assessment will be beneficial.

They anticipate a positive performance and are not worried, as they trust in their students’ potential.

The students themselves are optimistic about scoring high marks in the exams.

Pastor Philip Sarpong, CEO of Perfect Grade Publications & Stationery and Perfect Star Media, praised Bosomtwe STEM Academy for their impressive performance as the first government school in the competition.

He noted that this underscores the seriousness of all participating schools.

Mr. Martin Opoku, head of the marking team, remarked that Bosomtwe STEM Academy performed exceptionally well and is poised to provide strong competition to private schools.