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24,000 Teachers Fail Promotional Exam1 min read

24,000 Teachers Fail Promotional Exam<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">1</span> min read</span>

Per the results of the examination, held in February, the participants displayed an accomplishment rate of 69 per cent.

Consequently, the results indicate that 31 per cent of the candidates did not manage to surpass the required threshold for advancement.

Out of a substantial cohort of 80,810 candidates who engaged in this assessment, 55,917 individuals triumphed, thereby securing their positions within the upper echelons of educational leadership.

The GES, in a recently issued statement, disclosed its intention to dispatch text messages conveying the outcomes of success or otherwise to the candidates. The message will encompass all candidates who partook in the examination.

It’s worth noting that the promotion site will remain inaccessible for the current year. The official promotion letters are poised to be disseminated in the near future.

Here’s the breakdown of the performance across different grades:

– Within the Deputy Director grade, a cohort of 8,565 candidates participated in the test. Among them, 4,655 candidates, accounting for 54%, achieved success.

– As for the Assistant Director I grade, a notable sum of 25,556 candidates undertook the test. Impressively, 21,749 of these candidates, equivalent to 85%, demonstrated successful outcomes.

– The ranks of Assistant Director II grade were pursued by 40,020 candidates, and among them, 24,581 candidates, representing 61%, emerged triumphant.

– Lastly, in the context of the Principal Superintendent grade, a total of 6,668 candidates opted to sit for the examination. An overwhelming 74%, amounting to 4,932 candidates, achieved success.

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