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Akufo-Addo Commends ‘Fellow Ghanaians’ For Believing In The Ability Of Gov’t To Host The African Games2 min read

Akufo-Addo Commends ‘Fellow Ghanaians’ For Believing In The Ability Of Gov’t To Host The African Games<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>

I extend warmest congratulations to Ghana’s contingent for their outstanding performances at the 13th Africa Games, Accra 2023, held right here in Accra.
Our nation won a total of sixty-eight (68) medals — nineteen (19) gold, twenty-nine (29) silver, and twenty (20) bronze — by far the largest haul in our nation’s history at this prestigious event.

To each and every member of the Ghanaian team, I commend you for your dedication, perseverance and unwavering commitment to excellence. Your excellent achievements have not only brought glory to our nation, but have also inspired a new generation of sports persons across our beloved country. You have showcased the best of Ghana to the world.
I must also express my profound gratitude to the coaches, officials and support staff who have played invaluable roles in preparing and guiding our sports persons throughout their journey. Your tireless efforts have been instrumental in shaping this historic triumph.
To the people of Ghana, I thank you for believing in the ability of Government to host the Games, the first time in our history. I am also grateful that you did not listen to the naysayers who doubted our nation’s resolve, and urged us to cancel the games.

Let the success of these Games serve as a catalyst to invest further in sports development, and empower our youth to reach greater heights on the international stage.
As we bask in the glory of this unprecedented success, let us also reaffirm our commitment to promoting sports as a tool for national development and unity.
Together, we can harness the power of sports to build a stronger, healthier, and more prosperous Ghana for generations to come.

Once again, congratulations to all members of the Ghanaian contingent; they have made us proud, and their legacy will inspire countless others to dream big, and never give up on their aspirations.
– President Akufo-Addo