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Amenfi Central: Joana Gyan-Cudjoe Throws Thanksgiving Party For Delegates2 min read

Amenfi Central: Joana Gyan-Cudjoe Throws Thanksgiving Party For Delegates<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>

Hon Joana Gyan Cudjoe , NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Amenfi Central Constituency in the Western Region has fulfilled a promise she made prior to the May 13th Parliamentary Primaries.

The female political messiah is officially inviting every single delegate in the area to a special thanksgiving party as part of her promise during her campaign that if she wins the 13th May NDC primaries she will celebrate her birthday with all delegates in a grand style.

The program will take off on 5th of August,2023 at exactly 10am at Manso Amanfi D/A School.

This is because 7th May, 2023 was her birthday but then made a solemn promise that should she win the primaries she will celebrate the birthday with all delegates.

True to her words after winning with that wide margin she now invites every delegate to come and celebrate with her for being the first woman to have won primaries in the NDC and by extension the soon to be first ever female Member of Parliament for Amenfi Central.

This massive victory is a glory and hope to every single woman in Amenfi central and across Ghana and the world that indeed women are capable of doing great things.

This is yet another promise she has fulfilled during her campaigns in the primaries hence come , sit meet and greet , chat, drink, dine, dance with the gargantuan lady, the Small Gaddafi, the investor, and the first woman to lead NDC in Amenfi Central.

There shall be special performance by several renowned artists such as Keche global music duo as main artist , Sherifa Gunu music and a host of several great musicians in Ghana .

Hon Joana Gyan Cudjoe intends to change the face of politics in Amenfi Central to focus in giving back to society, social welfare programs , job opportunities and general development.

As a philanthropist, humanitarian ambassador, social worker, investor and mother for all it is in her dream to see her people getting access to better opportunities and improved welfare.

To this end she extends her invitation to everyone to support her in this journey.

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