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Amerado: ‘I Prefer Older Women But Not Sugar Mummies’3 min read

Amerado: ‘I Prefer Older Women But Not Sugar Mummies’<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">3</span> min read</span>

Ghanaian rap star Amerado Burner has disclosed that while he likes to date women who are older than him, he does not set out with the intention of taking advantage of them, certainly not financially.

He also noted that his limit is someone who is of an age comparable to his mother’s.

It is rumoured the ‘Obia Boa’ hitmaker is an item with popular media personality Deloris ‘Delay’ Frimpong Manso.

In a June 2021 interview, their first, Delay protested what looked like Amerado’s subtle advances, stating fear of the “police” and “it’s not right”. She also said she would be “39 in five days” while he was “a 26-year-old boy”.

Notwithstanding, since the broadcast of the interview, the pair have shared footage of themselves on social media in activities suggesting a relationship has developed between them. Its precise nature is not known, however.

Amerado on Monday, June 19, 2023, appearing on Accra-Based midmorning show, was asked by host Nana Romeo to address the rumour that he likes going after women especially doting women who are superior in years and finances.

“Nana, look at me closely. Such a handsome man. Let’s even assume I don’t make music and I am a normal guy on the street. Considering how beautiful God’s creation is, if women like me is it wrong? If I also like women is it wrong?” He rhetorically asked, smiling.

“It’s nothing wrong,” he said. “If I don’t look through, I can’t identify the one that’s perfect for me. So concerning that public notion, I accept it. Every man likes women, so if you hear that I like women, excuse me to say, yes, Amerado, I love women, but I don’t like [lust after] women.”

He laughed heartily stressing: “I’m like Kwame, I love women but I don’t like women.”

He noted that he was born on Valentine’s Day “so I know and understand love and that’s why, concerning the second question, I’d say if you hear I like sugar mummies [note that] for me, I don’t date a woman based on the benefits.”

“That’s why I posted on my page sometime back that age is just a number,” he added, revealing that “…my preference is for women who are older than me.”

“Nothing can be done about it,” he stressed. “I like women older than me. So if you consider the women I’ve dated, there’s none that I am older than.”

The multiple award-winning Hiphop/Hiplife artiste clarified, however, that, despite his preference, “the age difference should not be too wide to the extent the woman would be my mother’s age mate but maybe a year, two, three or more years going.”

“It’s not as though I like sugar mummies because of something I’ll milk from the woman,” he said, adding that he simply likes older women.

“If I liked sugar mummies, I would not be working this hard,” he said, positing that others consider involvement with sugar mummies as “a shortcut”.

He warned men who want older women who will “spoon-feed them” of “trouble in the future”.

“If the woman wants to give you something out of her own kind heart, that’s fine, but don’t go seeking to milk her,” he cautioned again.

Amerado Burner said when he gets into an amorous relationship, it is with “love and a clean heart and so any woman who has been with me before knows I am legit [genuine], I am real, I am a real ‘g'”.

He offered his definition of sugar mummy as a woman older than you “on whom you place all your burdens as she assumes total care for you”.

He admonished that such a lifestyle and posture can “spoil” a person, leaving them “relaxed” and distracted from “education” and their personal career. “Meanwhile, you are growing,” he said.

Derrick Sarfo Kantanka, alias Amerado, is the 2023 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs) Best Rap Performance honouree.

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