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BREAKING AWAY FROM THE SPIRIT OF POLITICAL DUOPOLY: A CASE FOR A GOVERNMENT OF NATIONAL UNITY (PART 3) – E. G. BUCKMAN WRITES<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>
E. G. Buckman

E. G. Buckman

Fellow Concerned Citizen,

Figuratively, under this duopoly, anyone who is adorned with our national colours plays a second fiddle to those who are adorned with political party colours depending on which party is in power.

Isn’t it quite disquieting to live in a country where a holder of a national identification card becomes a second-class citizen to a holder of a political party card?

Sorry, in today’s Ghana, your identity as a Ghanaian means nothing without a political party identity when it comes to recruitment into any of the security services or seeking employment in the public sector or securing a contract or scholarship. There is nothing like equal opportunity for the Ghanaian youth who doesn’t have a very strong political connection with the government in power.

Strangely, in the name of protecting their party’s interest and image, some brainwashed party loyalists and supporters who are mostly neglected to wallow in poverty are usually seen applauding and defending the very economic vampires whose reprehensible conducts have made the country economically anemic.

Well, it is only in politics that people who could barely afford a car tire and a bag of cement buy cars and houses overnight, and you see the very people whose future are being destroyed, applauding and defending the thieves.

Yet, on the streets, the same system has left the Ghanaian youth, who represent the future of our nation, helpless, hopeless, disgruntled and frustrated because they have remained unemployed after many years of completing school.

And, the painful part is that currently there is no glimmer of hope in sight for the Ghanaian youth, as those who have had absolute control over the distribution of our financial resources over the years haven’t shown real commitment to solving the unemployment problem in the country.

For instance, the amount of money that the Vice-President/the establishment spent on the over 900 super delegates during the NPP’s needless election could have been used by the government to support private investors to establish at least two major factories that would have directly and indirectly employed more than 5,000 unemployed youth in the country.

If one super delegate could go home with 150,000 gh cedis because of his or her one vote, and some of them were even given cars, then there is money in this country. Let no one deceive you.

Ghana youth arise to save this country from the hands of the economic vampires. Let your voice be heard. Let your vote count. Let’s break the duopoly.

Shalom shalom!

Part 4 available

E. G. Buckman