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Disregard Malicious Claims Against Dr. Bawumia – Kwabena Boadu’s Family Bursts Out In Anger2 min read

Disregard Malicious Claims Against Dr. Bawumia – Kwabena Boadu’s Family Bursts Out In Anger<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>

According to her, the claim by her daughter that she suspected foul play with respect to how his dearly departed Kwabena Boadu died is an outright falsehood and ought to be ignored.

“Whoever tells you Kwabena was killed by anybody is a liar. We know what happened to him and what was wrong with him” she angrily replied her daughter.

She further debunked the claim that Bawumia and wife asked the rest of the family members to leave the room alone for them to be with his body. “This is a complete madness! How can she say this? We were all in the room where he had been laid in state throughout the period and at no point in time were we asked to leave him.

In fact, we were there even before Bawumia and wife came and we all stayed there till the body was picked up for internment.

There is definitely something wrong with my daughter” the grandmother reiterated in an exclusive interview with Gordon Asare-Bediako of WONTUMI RADIO, MOVEMENT TV and ABCNEWS.

According to her, since age 2 when his mum left him, she raised Kwabena Boadu and lived with him till his demise.

“This is politics. Some people have definitely spoken with my daughter to say these about Bawumia. They are all lies” she stated.

The uncles of the late aide to Dr. Bawumia, Kissi Appiah and Bernard Amoo also said that they were in charge of the autopsy and has the report with them.

“We know what was wrong with Kwabena. He had an underlying health condition and the autopsy confirmed it. It is, therefore, strange that my sister is saying all these now. Was she even closer to us and all that happened for her to be making such wild claims?” Kissi Appiah queried.

Evelyn Kissi Appiah, an aunt of the late Kwabena Boadu, also questioned the motive of her uncaring sister for making such spurious accusations. She asked the general public to disregard Georgina. “She is lying” she indicated.

Michael Afriyie