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Forget My Looks! God Examines The Heart -Sonnie Badu2 min read

Forget My Looks! God Examines The Heart -Sonnie Badu<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>

Multiple award winning UK based Ghanaian gospel singer, Sonnie Badu that is least bothered by criticisms that his looks defy Christian principles.

According to the Let It Rain hitmaker, God is more concerned about his inward being and that is why continues to use him strongly irrespective of his appearance.

Speaking on Joy Prime monitored by, Sonnie said he is confident about the things God has ordained him to do and will not distracted.

“I might have the looks of somebody who really is not as churchgoing or religious, but hit the stage with me, and we’ll see who is more religious or who fears God the most.

“I’ve come to realise that God doesn’t look at the outward but at the inward. So. I’m just privileged to have a different mindset, and nothing moves me; no opinion moves me because I’m confident in what I’ve been sent to do,” he said.

Sonnie Badu’s looks continue to be a source of debate for decent looks among Christians.


Last year, he sparked huge debate on social media when he shared a picture of himself on Instagram ministering in Ivory Coast in a white shirt that showed off his tattoo.

The picture, however, did not get positive reactions as the singer may have expected. Some people in the comment section believed that it was ungodly for the singer to get a tattoo.

“Do you know God frowns on tattoos? I really like your songs but this tattoo on your hand and as a man of God too, you should know better,” one user wrote.

“Can we leave everybody’s issue for God to judge whether good or bad? Ah e levy dey come, my salary is already taxed, e levy go tax me again. That’s my headache not someone’s personal styling life. Let’s eat from our own house and stop entering people matter(sic),” another user defended.

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