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‘I Wasn’t Eating Well, I Constantly Collapsed In Kuami Eugene’s House’ – House Help2 min read

‘I Wasn’t Eating Well, I Constantly Collapsed In Kuami Eugene’s House’ – House Help<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>


Kuami Eugene’s former house help, Mary, has shared another twist to her ‘ranting spree’, following her fallout with her former boss.

Mary has narrated instances where she collapsed while staying in the highlife musician’s house due to improper diet and other undisclosed reasons.

In her latest interview, she alleged that prior to one of the instances, she informed Eugene of her condition but he only sent money to purchase drugs and not seek proper medical care.

Mary said Eugene, who wasn’t in the country at that time, sent her money to only purchase some blood tonic and vitamins, that could not salvage the situation.

She recalled, the situation intensified at night, causing her to seek help from one of her neighbours after which she was rushed to the hospital.

“I didn’t eat well and it created problems for me. There was food but not always. Sometimes the food gets finished. There could be rice but nothing to prepare it with. And when instances like that happen, he steps out and when I ask him for money, he tells me he will be back soon but never returns early. If I don’t have money to buy food, I’d have to starve till he gets back.

“I have collapsed about four times both at home and outside. In one of the instances, he travelled outside the country and I informed him about the situation. But he sent me money and told me to buy drugs. I told him I wanted to go to the hospital but he insisted that I buy drugs instead. I bought some blood tonic and vitamin C, but my condition worsened at night so I called one of our neighbours and complained about my plight. My teeth were even clenching at the moment, my palm turned white and I was palpitating. When I regained consciousness at the hospital, I kept mentioning his name. I won’t sit here and lie,” she expressed.

Touching on the numerous criticisms she has since received for expressing her sentiments so far, Mary said all her claims are nothing short of the truth.

“God is watching us. God knows I am not telling lies,” She insisted.

Meanwhile, Kuami Eugene is yet to share his side of the story.

Earlier, after Mary’s first batch of rants, he took to Twitter to post an indirect response which read ‘Nipa bi y3 cobra’ an Akan phrase that translates to ‘Some humans are snakes.’