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If You Follow Your Beauty, You’ll Sleep With Every Tom, Dick And Harry – Michy1 min read

If You Follow Your Beauty, You’ll Sleep With Every Tom, Dick And Harry – Michy<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">1</span> min read</span>



Social media influencer and television personality Michy has revealed how she makes money.

“Influencing – if someone says they are working on the internet and getting money, you better believe it,” Michy said.

There is a “lot of money” to be made online, she noted, advising: “It depends on your consistency, creativity… and of course your numbers are a very large factor in that.”

She said “I get a lot of money” as an influencer and TV presenter.

“The music [money] is what we’re now about to take,” she said, smiling.

Impressed, host Nana Romeo enumerated all the avenues that Michy makes money from including being a landlady and an eatery owner, adding that it is abnormal for a beautiful woman to be broke.

“If you follow your beauty, you’ll have sex with every man,” she promptly reacted, stressing: “If I follow my beauty, I will not work.”

The entertainer said she could make a call right that moment and get money “but,” worriedly asked, “at what price?”

She lamented “going here and there” sleeping with multiple people to make money.

She argued that “the painful part” is a man will help a woman but not ultimately be “at par with him”.

Rather, if a woman will rise to where she truly belongs, “it’s your own strength,” she added.

“The best part,” however, is, help from men, she said, “would be a bonus”.

She advised women “It’s always better to do it on your own so you truly know you’re independent”.

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