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It’s A Lie That Sucking Breasts Prevents Breast Cancer – Stephanie Benson1 min read

It’s A Lie That Sucking Breasts Prevents Breast Cancer – Stephanie Benson<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">1</span> min read</span>

Ghanaian female musician, Stephanie Benson, who is a breast cancer survivor is disputing claims that breastfeeding and fondling breasts are preventive measures of breast cancer.Speaking on Okay FM’s Best Entertainment show yesterday, the mother of five described such narratives as ridiculous and misleading.

“I got really angry when I heard such statements. Everyone knows I’m very playful and do lots of things on my social media pages but there are certain things that we just never mess with.

“Whoever started that narrative needs to stop it. How can this even be true? I am a mother of five and I have been married for many years, if that were the case, would I have suffered breast cancer?

“Whether sexual pleasure sucking or sucking by babies, they don’t prevent breast cancer. This is the most irresponsible thing that anybody will say because some women are allowing men to suck their breasts even when they are happy about it.

“And that is almost like rape because they can’t even tell the men it’s okay just because they want to prevent cancer. I don’t understand this, it makes no sense to me. It is not even scientifically proven,” she said.

The One More singer said even though she believes she is one of the healthiest people, she still has breast cancer adding, “It could be genetic, that is a family history or just anything”.

Over the years, the singer has been bold about her battles with breast cancer, sharing with her fans the scars battling the heath condition last year.

“Love yourself; you are all you have and nobody will love you as much as you love yourself,” she shared on Instagram encouraging people not to allow their challenges overwhelm them.