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KMA Collecting Data For Effective Tax Collection From Night Businesses2 min read

KMA Collecting Data For Effective Tax Collection From Night Businesses<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>


The Chief Executive Officer of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA), Samuel Pyne, has said plans are ongoing plans to reinforce the collection of taxes from businesses that operate at night.

The MCE disclosed that the decision was taken some months ago when the Assembly felt it was a good way to generate revenue.

“We realized most people worked at night. In Ghana and in the assembly’s by-laws, any activity you undertake that brings you profit, you have to pay a tax on that. So we decided to see to it that we were taking those taxes,” he said.

He explained the initiative had to be put on hold in order for the assembly to re-strategize after the initial challenges encountered.

“We started about 2 or 3 months ago but we had challenges. When we started, people thought those collecting the taxes were thieves. It got to a point where the workers fought with the tax collectors. I assume it’s because it was a new initiative.

“We also heard that our day-time collectors stole and cheated people. Names were mentioned, and together with my directors and revenue data collectors, I engaged the culprits. We made them aware that if they were deliberately stealing and cheating, they would suffer the consequences. We have set up a monitoring team for that,” said Sam Pyne.

The Kumasi mayor noted that even though they made announcements before the start of the initiative, they still took the challenges in good faith, which forced the assembly to put it on hold.

He stated that KMA has collaborated with Holland to set up a digital center for data collection from the revenue generated.

Samuel Pyne also stated that plans are being put in place for the traders to identify the tax collectors.

“We have given them identification cards and papers. We have also given them jackets in which we have inscribed ‘KMA night revenue collectors’ so they can be identified,” he said.

The mayor believes this initiative will work when the existing laws are enforced.