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Man Sets Mosque Ablaze After Locking Worshippers Inside1 min read

Man Sets Mosque Ablaze After Locking Worshippers Inside<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">1</span> min read</span>

Tragedy struck in Nigeria’s northern Kano state as at least 11 worshippers lost their lives and dozens were injured in a horrific attack on a mosque.

According to authorities, a man purportedly doused the mosque with petrol, locked its doors, and then ignited the fire, trapping around 40 worshippers inside.

The assailant’s motives reportedly stem from a family feud over inheritance.

The incident unfolded during morning prayers on Wednesday in the Gezawa area of Kano state, leaving residents stunned as flames engulfed the mosque and cries for help echoed from within. Prompted by the explosion, neighbors rushed to aid those trapped, as local media detailed the harrowing rescue efforts.

Law enforcement swiftly responded, dispatching rescue teams, including bomb experts, to the scene. Contrary to initial fears, police confirmed that a bomb wasn’t involved in the attack. However, authorities expressed dismay over delays in alerting emergency services, noting that firefighters weren’t notified until after locals had already extinguished the flames.

Upon investigation, police revealed that the 38-year-old suspect admitted to targeting specific family members inside the mosque, claiming the attack was rooted in the inheritance dispute. Umar Sanda, a local police chief, emphasized that the incident wasn’t linked to terrorism but rather to a domestic conflict.

The aftermath proved grim, with the death toll rising as more victims succumbed to their injuries at the Murtala Muhammad Specialist Hospital in Kano. Among the casualties were children, while several others continue to undergo treatment.

As authorities piece together the events, the suspect remains in custody, providing crucial information for the ongoing investigation into this tragic act of violence.