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Nana Akomea Asks: “Is Bawumia The Disgrace To The North?”1 min read

Nana Akomea Asks: “Is Bawumia The Disgrace To The North?”<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">1</span> min read</span>

I have seen a video of Mr Fifi Kwetey, shouting to an audience in the Northern Ghana, that Dr Bawumia was a disgrace to the North, and warned voters in the North not to vote for Dr Bawumia on account of his “disgraceful ” behaviour.
Dr Bawumia’s behaviour that caused Mr Fiifi Kwetey to warn voters in the North against him, is not clear, but l remember another lament about “disgraceful” behaviour against another politician from the North.
This particular lamentation came from another NDC politician, Mr Martin Amidu.
Mr Amidu, unlike Mr Fiifi Kwetey, is actually a politician from the North. Mr Amidu was also a Deputy Attorney General, a vice presidential candidate of the NDC, and Attorney General and Minister of Justice, and also the first occupant of the Office Of Special Prosecutor.
Mr Amidu, in 2015 when John Mahama was president, had cause to describe President Mahama as a “disgrace” to the North and to Northern politicians.
Mr Amidu believed that President Mahama’s tolerance of corruption was so disgraceful that it would be difficult for the country to vote for another Northerner to become president.
In Amidu’s words “…because of his behaviour, for the next 20, 30 years this country will not vote for a Northern President and he is disgracing me as a Northerner; and l don’t like it”.
If Fiifi Kwetey is looking for a politician who has been a “disgrace” to the North, he need not look further than in his party, as testified by a Northern NDC politician