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Police intervene after adulterous couple gets stuck2 min read

Police intervene after adulterous couple gets stuck<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>

Police intervene after adulterous couple gets stuck

Police in Buwenge town council, Jinja District,  intervened on February 23 to disperse locals gathered at Jojo bar and Lodge witnessing a couple in distress after an unusual incident during sexual intercourse.

According to Mr James Mubi, the Kiira Region Police Spokesperson, commotion unfolded at Jojo bar and Lodge when the couple faced difficulty disentangling themselves after spending the night together, resulting in the man remaining trapped between the woman’s legs after their alleged sexual encounter.

“This morning we got information that a couple who had slept at Jojo bar and Lodge in Buwenge town council were stuck inside one another and this was discovered by the worker who had checked on them,’’ Mr Mubi said.

The woman and the man were both married, according to Mr Mubi.

Residents contacted the woman’s husband, who was identified as a resident of Lugazi zone in Buikwe district. The woman had reportedly left her husband’s home in Mukono and rented a room in Jinja city.

Mr Sowali Balikowa, the woman’s spouse, arrived at the scene and recounted his search for his missing wife, along with his concerns about missing personal documents such as his passport and national identity card.

Mr Balikowa performed a ritual involving the throwing of grass across the couple, leading to their separation.

The man involved tearfully said he was not aware of the woman’s marital status. He said she had told him of her divorced status and her desire to start a salon business.

Meanwhile, in Jinja district, police are detaining five individuals suspected of murdering a man who discovered his wife with another man in their home. The deceased, Mr Denis Avaka, was a security guard attached to Madavani Group.

Mr Mubi said that the deceased unexpectedly returned home during his night shift, finding his wife with another man. A scuffle ensued, resulting in the deceased being fatally stabbed by the suspects, including the deceased’s wife, the man, and a neighbor who allegedly assisted in the assault.