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Randy Abbey Defends GFA Against Blame For Kotoko And Hearts Of Oak’s Struggles1 min read

Randy Abbey Defends GFA Against Blame For Kotoko And Hearts Of Oak’s Struggles<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">1</span> min read</span>
Dr Randy Abbey

Dr Randy Abbey

Ghana Football Association (GFA) Executive Committee member, Dr Randy Abbey, has responded to critics who blame the GFA for the decline of local football powerhouses Asante Kotoko and Hearts of Oak.

Both clubs have struggled in Africa’s top inter-club competitions in recent years and have seen a significant drop in their domestic performances, with both sides going trophyless last season.

Abbey firmly refuted the notion that the GFA should shoulder the blame for the sorry state of the two iconic teams. He highlighted that the GFA does not control the day-to-day operations of Kotoko and Hearts, including the appointment of their boards of directors or CEOs.

Responding to questions from sports journalists, Abbey defended the GFA’s position, saying, “Sometimes people ask questions, and we must help them understand. Does the GFA run Kotoko and Hearts? Is the GFA responsible for appointing the Board of directors for the clubs or CEOs for the clubs? Is the GFA responsible for the Circles and the Chapters? So what are we talking about? If the clubs are not doing well, what has that got to do with the GFA? I’m asking you, you live here.”

Fans and analysts are concerned about the struggles of these two successful clubs, believing that they are contributing to the country’s overall decline in football.

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