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Samuel Jinapor Joins Mining Ministers Summit2 min read

Samuel Jinapor Joins Mining Ministers Summit<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>

The Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Samuel A. Jinapor has joined twenty-two (22)other Ministers responsible for Mines and Natural Resources, captains of the mining industry from Anglo American Associations, Euro Asia Resources Group and civil society organisations to explore and exchange knowledge on the future of the industry in the wake of the global warming and the shift towards green minerals.

The event dubbed International Mines Ministers Summit was structured in a way that saw the ministers and other stakeholders being empanelled to address various sub-themes that fall under the main theme which is “Striking a Balance for Success: Responsible Mining and the Energy Transition.”

In his contributions to Session One of the Summit which was themed “Sharing a Path to Success: Building a Framework for Collaboration”, Samuel A. Jinapor espoused the far-reaching policy directives being implemented by the Ghana government, the strong and resilient partnership between the government and the mining companies through the Ghana Chamber of Mines and the shift from ‘digging and shipping’ and value addition.

He laid specific emphasis on the importance of strong collaborations between government and large-scale mining companies serving as the fundamental and solid rock on which the successes for a mutually beneficial and serene mining industry are done.

He also underscored the commitment of the government to responsible and sustainable mining practises, not just at the mineral discovery stage but throughout the entire value chain, describing its ‘non-negotiable.

He further disclosed that the paradigm shift in Ghana’s mining policy from mere production of minerals to value addition is perfectly encapsulated by the recent Lithium agreement with Atlantic Lithium in which the government ensured the establishment of a refinery plant in Ghana and the opportunity of Ghanaian ownership through listing on the Ghana Stock Exchange.

While bemoaning the relatively insignificant benefits African countries derive from their mineral resources, Samuel Jinapor advocated for an “affirmative action” that will enable host countries of these minerals to benefit more equitably from their natural resource endowment”.

This policy, he says, must be deliberate, conscious and have the interest of the host countries at the top.

He re-echoed his long-held view that African countries who take the initiative to contribute to the fight against climate change must be rewarded and incentivised to pursue that path.

While acknowledging Energy Transition as a noble and magnanimous goal, the Minister underlined the imperativeness of producers of the raw materials for clean energy benefiting significantly from the Minerals.

Again, the Lands Minister joined his counterparts on the sidelines of the Summit to close the Toronto Stock Exchange amidst thunderous applause from global participants.

Ministers at the highly important summit were drawn from Canada, Germany, Peru, and Finland among others.