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Shatta Wale Went Overboard With Despite, Fadda Dickson Insults – Okyeame Quophi2 min read

Shatta Wale Went Overboard With Despite, Fadda Dickson Insults – Okyeame Quophi<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>
Musician and radio personality Quophi Okyeame

Musician and radio personality Quophi Okyeame

Ghanaian musician and radio personality Quophi Okyeame has cautioned dancehall artiste Shatta Wale for his recent aggressive remarks against Kwasi Aboagye, host of Peace FM’s Entertainment Review.

It could be recalled that Peace FM presenter Kwasi Aboagye, on his show, cast doubt on Shatta Wale’s claim of receiving a hefty £80,000 payment for a recent performance at the Ghana Music Awards UK.

In response, Shatta Wale launched a scathing attack on the radio presenter through a Facebook Live video, using offensive language not only against Aboagye but also towards Dr. Osei Kwame, CEO of Despite Media, and Fadda Dickson, it’s Managing Director.

Speaking to Graphic Showbiz, Okyeame stressed that Shatta Wale’s response went too far and urged him to choose his words carefully when expressing his anger, as the consequences for such behaviour could be drastic.

He expressed his concern over Shatta Wale’s tirades, especially towards individuals who were not directly involved in the payment dispute.

He emphasized the importance of restraint when making public statements and encouraged Shatta Wale to consider the potential consequences of his actions.

“What did Fadda Dickson or Despite do to warrant such insults? I think he went overboard and must guard his words anytime he wants to make a statement. If you have a problem with Kwasi Aboagye why extend it to his bosses? That was not right and if he has any apology to make, he shouldn’t feel big to do so. This industry is too small, you might not know whose help you will need in future,” he expressed.

Okyeame also noted that Despite Media had the right to blacklist Shatta Wale due to his insulting remarks and stated that it is not advisable to use insults in every situation, even when angry.

He underlined the importance of delivering a message without resorting to insults.

“The Despite Media can decide to blacklist Shatta Wale because he said he doesn’t need them. If you insult a media house and state clearly that you don’t need them why should they give you their platform? It is not everything that you say when you are angry. Sometimes, you can make your case without insults, and your message will be well delivered,” he concluded.