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Sister Derby Single Again2 min read

Sister Derby Single Again<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>

Songstress, Sister Derby has declared she is back on the singles market with a recent statement about her decision to embrace single life.

In an interview with, she revealed that she has chosen to forgo relationships, citing the considerable impact they have on her life.

Derby explained that the energy and resources she invests in her relationships tend to slow her down, prompting her to focus on her personal growth.

Sister Derby admitted that her decision to stay single was driven by the disappointment of not receiving the same care and love she offered her partners in return.

“It is not something I’m looking forward to or considering at all. I’m not with anybody, but I’m not interested. I’m not looking to be with anybody because that is not my focus,” she firmly declared.

She continued, “The thing is when I’m in a relationship, I put a lot of my energy and resources into that person, so it slows me down. It’s not like they (the men) demand it. Well, maybe they demand it unconsciously, but it’s not good for me because I’m too caring and too kind.”

Sister Derby further revealed her frustration when some men took advantage of her after receiving her care and affection, which led her to make the conscious choice to prioritize herself.

“Even if I’m not in a relationship with someone, I put people around me first. So imagine I’m in a relationship with somebody, I give my all.

Sometimes, when I notice that they [men] are not doing the same or they are taking advantage, it puts me off. So I always just advise myself. I hope you get what I am saying,” she emphasized.

Sister Derby was in a high-profile relationship with Medikal until 2018.

He is now married to Fella Makafui. Derby subsequently introduced one of the others many had reported was her new boyfriend but it’s unclear what has become of that relationship.