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Takoradi Residents Arrest Robbery Gang Leader Linked To Atta Ayi2 min read

Takoradi Residents Arrest Robbery Gang Leader Linked To Atta Ayi<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>

According to a report by, the man whose name has been given as Nii Addo, had been on the wanted list of the police for a while for snatching phones of residents.

The report added that in a recent case, Nii Addo had been captured on CCTV snatching mobile phones from some innocent residents on the main Adientem route, off Sycamore Hospital at night.

It added that the gang members operated by riding on motorbikes and snatching the mobile phones of unsuspecting victims in the enclave.

But on Monday, while on operation at the Takoradi Market Circle, luck run out on the leader as some vigilant residents apprehended him.

The report added that his victim – the one he got unlucky from stealing from, is a Kumasi-based radio presenter who doubles as a film producer.

A journalist based in the area explained that the radio presenter had parked his car around the YOU 84 area at the Market Circle in the evening of Monday, July 17.

He was suddenly pounced on by some robbers on a motorbike, snatching his iPhone 11 Promax, just around the Kojokrom Trotro Station.

The victim-presenter is said to immediately jumped into his car, and with the help of some good Samaritans, he gave the robbers a hot chase until he caught up with them.

“I quickly gave them a hot chase along the highway and hit them with my vehicle. They fell into the gutter and one was able to flee but the leader was arrested. We realized they had already snatched the bags of over four ladies. We handed him over to the Police but the other one left with the phone. We got to the police station and he was already on the wanted list of the police. He is a notorious armed robber who is also alleged to have robbed some residents in Tarkwa,” he report stated.

In 2017, Nii Addo was arrested by the Kwesimintsim Police Command and accused of being a protégé of the notorious criminal, Atta Ayi, the report added.

The report added that it is unclear what made the police release him.

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