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Telecel Vows To Bring Positive Disruption To Telco Industry3 min read

Telecel Vows To Bring Positive Disruption To Telco Industry<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">3</span> min read</span>


Moh Damush,  Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Telecel Group,  the company that acquired a majority stake in Vodafone Ghana (now Telecel Ghana), has revealed the new owner’s intentions to introduce positive disruption in the telco industry.

To achieve this, Mr. Damush said that the telecom giant will aggressively pursue and implement innovative strategies and cutting-edge technologies, with the goal of reshaping the telecommunications landscape in the country.

Speaking at a ceremony in Accra to officially announce the public rebranding of Vodafone Ghana to Telecel Ghana, Mr. Damush outlined the company’s commitment to realising this ambitious vision, noting that with a focus on redefining standards within the country’s telco sector, Telecel Ghana aims to usher in a potential transformation that could benefit consumers and elevate competition to unprecedented levels.

Underlining the significance of this ambitious vision, Mr. Damush stated that Telecel Ghana’s goal is to signal a potential transformation within the telecom sector. “This is a significant milestone for Telecel Group,” he said of his company’s takeover of Vodafone, adding that it is an opportunity to provide positive disruption, advancement and innovation in Ghana.

“Telecel Group is putting a massive investment into Telecel Ghana, and will also put its heart and soul into the company, which is and will continue to be the flagship of Telecel Group West Africa,” Mr. Damush said.

More than a name change

The groundwork for this strategic vision was laid in 2022 when Telecel Group signed a Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) with Vodafone to acquire a 70 percent stake in the latter.

The acquisition was successfully completed in February 2023, paving the way for the company’s rebranding into Telecel Ghana.

This evolution, according the group CEO, represents more than just a change in name – it signifies the group’s commitment to advancing telecommunications in the country with a renewed focus on meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

“This rebranding represents a bold step forward into a future where innovation, quality and customer satisfaction remain at the core of who we are. Our goal is to provide Ghanaians with exceptional services, exceeding their expectations,” he said, declaring: “As of today, Vodafone Ghana has become Telecel Ghana.”

But, whatever the brand name, said Mr. Damush, “the origin will stay Ghana Telecom Company—from the Ghanaians to the Ghanaians and the world”.

In her remarks, Patricia Obo-Nai, CEO of Telecel Ghana, expressed her excitement about the transition, noting that the company’s goal is to deliver a great network for its customers, enabling connectivity that promotes personal and business growth.

“We are going to see a renewed commitment to investment into our network to the way we interact with our customers, and also the digital solutions that our customers are going to get through the company’s mobile money services,” she stated.

She said the telecommunications company will also scale up its investments into communities as well as start-ups.

Digital inclusion

On his part, Telecel’s Group COO, Mohammed Ghaddar, assured that the rebranding will go beyond just a name change. “It’s a commitment to innovation, excellence and, most importantly, delivering cutting-edge digital solutions to the people of Ghana.”

According to him, Telecel Group has a rich legacy of connecting lives and empowering businesses across Africa, and the Ghana story will be no different as the company envisions to revolutionise the telecommunications landscape by integrating innovative technologies with their services, making digital inclusion a reality for every Ghanaian.

“Our collective values – integrity, innovation, customer centricity and teamwork – are the bedrock of our operation. These values will guide us as we strive to exceed your expectations, bringing you services that are not only exceptional, but also transformative. We want to help create a Ghana where every individual and business can thrive in a digitally inclusive environment. And it is our commitment to ensure that the benefits of the digital technology reach every corner of our beloved country,” he said.

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