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UGMC Clinical Trials Unit Nears Completion1 min read

UGMC Clinical Trials Unit Nears Completion<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">1</span> min read</span>

According to the Director, the setting up of the CTU is a result of the need for local testing of medications.

He indicated that majority of medications used in the country are imported and have not been tested on Ghanaians, therefore, patients sometimes have adverse reactions when they use them.

He added that the CTU will allow for the testing of medicines locally in order to ensure that they work for the people in the country.

Dr. Kyei further stated that the space has been prepared for the CTU, however, special equipment is needed in order to have a fully functioning laboratory that meets international standards.

He, therefore, called on organisations and corporate bodies to support the completion of the clinical unit.

He mentioned this at the launch of UGMC’s fifth anniversary celebration themed, “UGMC, 5 Years of Working towards the Provision of World-Class Patient Care, Training, and Research.”

CEO of UGMC, Darius Osei, highlighted the hospital’s dedication to training medical staff and providing optimal healthcare to the public.

“The government helped to set up UGMC in 2018 with 130 staff, but today on our fifth anniversary, we currently have 1,300 staff. As a hospital, we are still training doctors and nurses in different fields. Although we have not reached our goal, we are still committed to providing excellent healthcare to the public,” he stated.

By Abigail Atinuke Seyram Adeyemi & Kiasia Baggenstos

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