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Wait For My Reply – Nigel Gaise Tells John Kumah’s Wife2 min read

Wait For My Reply – Nigel Gaise Tells John Kumah’s Wife<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>

Self-styled prophet, Nigel Gaise has vowed to expose Apostle Mrs. Lilian Kumah, the widow of the late Deputy Finance Minister, Dr. John Kumah, over his prophecy about the latter.

In a startling revelation, the widow had accused the self-styled prophet, Nigel Gaisie of exploiting personal family information for his own gain.

But Nigel Gaise ran to social media and said that “I will REPLY Apostle Lilly Kumah in few minutes….It is sad thus Christians CHOOSING POLICTICS OVER THE HOLY AND ACCURATE THINGS OF GOD**…..Very sad and disrespect…..I AM COMING LIVE …..SOOON!!….PNG.”

This accusation emerged following Gaisie’s purported prophetic claims regarding the death of a Ghanaian deputy minister in 2024. Mrs. Kumah disclosed that Gaisie was well-acquainted with her late husband’s terminal illness and falsely prophesied the Minister’s death, prompting the family to sever ties with him.

Initially regarded as a confidant and collaborator, Gaisie had allegedly leveraged intimate knowledge of the Kumah family’s situation to fabricate his prophecies, betraying the trust they had extended to him. Mrs. Kumah highlighted Gaisie’s past record of womanizing and extramarital affairs, leading to the dissolution of his own marriage and subsequent ostracization by various churches.
She challenged Gaisie to reflect on his actions, seek forgiveness, and desist from inappropriate behaviors.

Furthermore, Mrs. Kumah lodged a formal complaint against radio and TV presenter Captain Smart for insinuating that her late husband’s demise was the result of poisoning.
Expressing distress over the spreading of misinformation to tarnish John Kumah’s legacy, she called for a thorough investigation into Smart’s claims and urged authorities to hold accountable those responsible for perpetuating baseless accusations during this period of mourning.

The emergence of rehashed social media clips featuring Captain Smart implicating political figures and businessmen in John Kumah’s alleged poisoning has sparked a wave of speculation and condemnation.
Mrs. Kumah’s resolute stance against the dissemination of unfounded claims serves as a call for transparency and accountability in addressing harmful narratives surrounding her husband’s passing.

As the Kumah family navigates these tumultuous waters of grief and scrutiny, the efforts to uphold truth and integrity amidst a storm of controversy underscore the enduring legacy of Dr. John Kumah and the unwavering commitment of Apostle Lilian Kumah in safeguarding his memory against unwarranted attacks.