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Wendy Shay Involved In A Fatal Car Accident2 min read

Wendy Shay Involved In A Fatal Car Accident<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>

Ghanaian singer Wendy Shay has been involved in a near-fatal car accident on the Kwabenya-ACP road on Saturday night, September 9, 2023.

According to Prince Obimpeh, Deputy News Editor at UTV, who witnessed the accident scene, Wendy Shay was driving her Wrangler with the customized number plate SHAY 23-19 coming from Kwabenya towards ACP Estate when she collided with a tipper truck loaded with sand coming from the opposite direction.

The impact of the collision caused Wendy Shay‘s car to skid into a gutter on the side of the road, while the tipper truck overturned and landed on its side. The front side of Wendy Shay’s car was badly damaged, and she sustained a head injury.

Obimpeh said he saw Wendy Shay come out of her car and thus approached her to find out what happened.

She, however, told him that she could not talk much and that her head was aching after hitting the dashboard. She also seemed disoriented and confused.

There was another lady in the front seat of Wendy Shay’s car, but it was unclear if she was with her or not. Obimpeh said people were helping Wendy Shay remove all valuables from her car before they transported her to the hospital. He said he spoke to her, and she seemed fine, but she complained of a severe headache.

Eyewitnesses said that Wendy Shay tried very hard to avoid the crash, but they collided anyway. They also said that if her car had not skidded into the gutter, it would have somersaulted.

Obimpeh said people kept shouting that the tipper truck driver was stuck in his car, but he did not see him in there. He said the police were present at the scene of the accident, but he did not know their status.

Wendy Shay is one of the most popular singers in Ghana, known for her hit songs such as Uber Driver, Bedroom Commando, and Stevie Wonder. She is signed to Rufftown Records and has won several awards, including New Artiste of the Year at the 2019 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

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