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Woman Dumps Baby At Pastor’s Doorstep2 min read

Woman Dumps Baby At Pastor’s Doorstep<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>
A yet-to-be-identified distressed mother has dumped a newborn baby girl at the doorsteps of a resident pastor of the New Covenant Apostolic Church located at Ahodwo, a suburb of Kpong in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality of the Eastern Region.

The incident occurred on Sunday morning when the pastor heard a baby crying, and upon opening the door he found the baby covered in a cloth lying at the forecourt of his doorstep, with a suicide note from the mother.

The appearance of the newborn corroborates the note left by its mother that she was delivered on the night of Saturday, July 15, 2023 and dumped there with the umbilical cord still uncut.

The suicide note written on a piece of paper and assumed to have been left by the desperate mother for the pastor’s family but with no personal details, was placed right under the baby.

The note, sought to explain the reasons for the mother’s strange behaviour and her confidence in the family to ensure a proper upbringing of the baby.

She, however, failed to explain the reasons for her actions except to disclose her potential suicidal ideations.

The note read, “By the time you will finish reading this letter, I will be dead and gone, please take care of this baby as your child. Please, I regret doing this but that is the only way this baby can have a chance to live, please. She was born just yesterday night, please take care of her. I’m sorry please forgive me. God bless you.”

The Assemblyman for the Kpong Ahodwo Electoral Area, Raymond Gborson, explained that, “This morning [Sunday] at around 5:30am, the resident pastor of Apostolic Church called me that he woke up this morning and found a baby wrapped in a cloth, placed at his doorsteps, he’s living in a storey building so they climbed the stairs to the storey-building and placed it one step into his room so when he got up this morning, he opened his door, he saw it and then he called me.”

He added that, “They just gave birth to the baby without bathing her, her umbilical cord was also not cut.”

The Assemblyman noted that he has since not received any information from the town, concerning any missing nursing mother. He has reported the matter to the Police at Kpong.

The infant, found hale and hearty, was subsequently sent to a health facility within the community where a midwife successfully severed its umbilical cord and administered the necessary medical attention.

Meanwhile, the Assemblyman is appealing to the general public who may know the mother of the infant to help trace her to save her from her suicidal intentions and possibly reunite with her child.

By Daniel Bampoe

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