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Young People Urged To Be Active In Electoral Processes For Africa’s Progress And Stability5 min read

Young People Urged To Be Active In Electoral Processes For Africa’s Progress And Stability<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">5</span> min read</span>

Young people urged to be active in electoral processes for Africa's progress and stability


A Governance and Human Rights Expert from Zimbabwe, Dr. Musavengana Chibwana has asked young people in Africa to be active in electoral processes for the Continent’s progress and stability.

He said the continent’s aspirations are largely driven by its youthful population who must have a greater stake in all decision processes.

Dr Chibwana said this at a citizen’s forum dubbed “Youth, Democracy, Elections and peace” organized by the Youth Bridge Foundation in its quest to promote peace and stability in upcoming elections.


Youth Bridge Foundation has since its establishment, been organizing public forums especially for the youth to deepen participation in democracy, elections and the overall promotion of peace in Ghana and Africa.

Speaking at the forum, Director of Operations at the Ghana Police Service and the Commanding Officer of Formed Police Unit, ACP Alhaji Al-Meyao Abass Kwarasey, said the youth should be wary of attempts by political parties to use them to disrupt elections.


He added that the seemingly peaceful nature of elections in the country should not be taken for granted, but must be protected.

“When we talk about the national election security taskforce, it is an actual committee arranged usually inaugurated by the Inspector General of Police to deal with elections, months before elections. In certain instances, it even takes a year to make sure that all the parameters are set right before elections. The composition consists of all the security agencies and Ghana Police Service serves as the lead security agency of the election task force. Primarily because it is the state agent that deals with maintenance of law and security” Alhaji Abass Kwarasey said.

A renowned Governance and Human Rights Expert from Zimbabwe, Dr. Musavengana Chibwana also engaged participants on why many young individuals are disenchanted with the political system and challenged them to proffer solutions.

Governance and Human Rights Expert from Zimbabwe, Dr. Musavengana Chibwana.

“How were you supposed to represent Ghana? Shall people see the best version of Ghana through you? That is huge because the entire country has its hopes on you and there you are being lazy. You are not serious with your school. In some foreign universities people say that those from Ghana are lazy. Ghanaians are not lazy, it is you and you are not representing the country well. Represent your country well” , Dr. Chibwana said.

The Commandant of the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Center (KAIPTC), Major General Richard Addo Gyane, said the realization of the true potential of democracy rests on the conduct of free and fair elections.

Commandant of the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Center, Major General Richard Addo Gyane

“Ensures that every voice is heard, every perspective is valued and every individual given the opportunity to participate is shaping their collective destiny. It is a beacon that guides us towards a society built on justice, equality and respect for human rights. It is therefore crucial that the youth resist any attempt by misguided element to prevent the collective words of the people from being heard by actively participating in democratic processes to give peace and national development a chance” Major General Addo Gyane added.

A Deputy Director of the Electoral Commission, Frederick Tetteh said the youth, who constitute a greater segment of the population have a critical role to play in safeguarding the peace and security of the nation.

The youth, he noted, have a stake in determining who governs the country or not since they constitute more than 50 percent of the voter population.

“In a nutshell, the youth are those who elect leaders in our country. And therefore, they give directions as to who and whom should govern the country. It is good that going forward we harness the talents and the opportunities that are there for the youth. So that we can preserve the democracy and peace that we have” Mr Frederick Tetteh said.

A Senior Lecturer at the Department of Sustainable Development and Policy, Prize McApreko said it is important to invest in the youth and ensure their very foundation, so that they do not shy away from their personal responsibilities on matters relating to peace, democracy and human rights.

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