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Sam George Blames High Divorce Rates On Telenovelas & Movies2 min read

Sam George Blames High Divorce Rates On Telenovelas & Movies<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>

Sam George, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Ningo Prampram, has expressed concerns about the alleged growing divorce rate in Ghana, attributing it to the influence of telenovelas and movies on married couples.

He believes that the portrayal of superficial ideals in these shows has contributed to unrealistic expectations and impatience within marriages, ultimately leading to divorce.

In a candid interview with Berla Mundi on “The Day Show” on TV3, Sam George highlighted how the fairy tale mindset cultivated by romantic shows can create high expectations in couples.

This can lead to frustration and impatience when real-life marriages fail to live up to the scripted scenarios found in movies and TV series.

The MP noted, “Divorce rates are high because people are watching too much telenovela. Movies have taught us a certain culture of impatience. No two people can live together without issues. In most movies, the guy does something the lady doesn’t like, then she calls her lawyer and sues him, and they end the marriage. They both go their separate ways. They move on and find someone better. That’s not real life. Movies are scripts. At a point, they tell you to cut and take it again. In life, there is no cut.”

Sam George also mentioned the influence of movies in shaping societal perceptions and behaviors, drawing a parallel between the power of media and the changing perspectives on issues like LGBTQ+ rights.

He explained how movies can normalize concepts that were once considered taboo.

When discussing his personal life outside of politics, Sam George emphasized the importance of spending quality time with his wife, especially in light of their recent 11th wedding anniversary. He acknowledged that marriage is hard work but also a fulfilling endeavor, especially when shared with the right partner.

As for resolving conflicts in his own marriage, Sam George admitted to a change in his approach.

He has learned to remain silent rather than express his thoughts in the heat of the moment. This shift in behavior has helped him avoid saying hurtful things during disagreements and subsequent regrets.

While Sam George recognizes that marriage is a challenging journey, he firmly believes that walking away from marriage should be considered only in cases of emotional and physical abuse, underscoring the importance of addressing issues constructively and with empathy.